How I sold over half a Million books//My Self-Public Story and my top tips for success

Sarra Cannon talked about a couple of things she has done in this video to achieve success. Some of these came about by chance. For example, she said it is a good idea to have your books in a series that is an anchor in one area.

When she started she had no idea about the implications of this. It just happened that when people read her first book the started asking if there was another in the series.

This obviously let her into creating a series with her books. So the number one recommendation is to create a series in your writing.

Her second recommendation is to focus on one series and not multiple series.  I guess the idea here is try and build the brand.

Her number 3 reason for success is creating a clear brand. She made her name a brand and optimized it. The idea is to link all her books – creating a strong brand.

Even titles of her books were titled in such a way that there was a link or a kind of relation. She also referred people to her book one and the idea is that if they enjoy her book one then they could easily go to buy most of the books in her series.

The 4th reason for her success is writing about something she loves. The idea is that you will be able to keep on with the topic for this is what you love. If for your example, start writing about only popular topics, it will mean you having to follow the trend and this may not be to your liking and in addition, you will soon get bored and the readers will see through that you are not really committed.

She believes so much in the quality of her work. She reads more books to see how best she can do better or the best author that she can be. She believes in making the quality of her books as high as possible. According to her, even Steven King says he is still learning.

Marketing is essential and other stuff like cover design.

She also keeps fans engage by giving them side stories in her blog to keep her fan engage so that people will not forget her books.

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